I am a London based artist originally from New Zealand. I spent many years working in the IT industry when I decided to formalise my interest in making art by undertaking a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree in Painting at the University of Arts London. I graduated from the Wimbledon College of Arts in 2014 and am currently undetaking a Masters of Research in Art: Theory and Philosophy at Central Saint Martins (UAL). 


My practice combines photography, digital art, collage and painting. I am interested in the relationship between painting and photography, the authorial and the mechanical, reality and the imagination. I see patterns and rhythms in the processes that I use and in the marks that I make digitally. I emulate and embellish these digital marks with paint, pencil and pen to create numerous points of departure.


My subject matter can vary, but tends to focus on the ordinary, the overlooked and the mundane. The trappings of everyday, fleeting, ephemeral, seen out of the corner of one’s eye, texture, beauty and ugliness packed together in a kind of natural collage. 

I try to convey a sense of flux, of a perpetual ebb and flow between the abstract and the figurative, the digital and the painterly.